Chess Sets in traditional Staunton Design

All you need to get you started with chess. We matched our wooden chess pieces with some great boards so you don't have to worry finding the right board for the pieces you desire. In our selection we matched the chess pieces to some boards considering the various woods used and ensuring the size fits. And rather than sticking to some formulas of which board is "best" we give you a choice of relative sizes, to cater for your personal taste; some like a tight spacing on the board, others prefer lots of space around each figure. The choice is yours.

Contemporary 3.5in Sheesham & 45mm Walnut Board
Contemporary 3.5" Sheesham & 45mm Walnut Board

Matching the aesthetically modern Contemporary chess pieces with a ...

£ 190.00

Out of Stock

Kiev 2.75in & 45mm Walnut Board (with notation)
Kiev 2.75" & 45mm Walnut Board (with notation)

Wonderfully combining chess pieces with opulent features and a grea...

£ 199.00

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Zagreb 3.25in & 45mm Wenge Board
Zagreb 3.25" & 45mm Wenge Board

Combining great looks from exotic wood with a touch of history, thi...

£ 210.00

Out of Stock

English Elegant 3.5in & 50mm Wenge Board
English Elegant 3.5" & 50mm Wenge Board

Matching to the rich, dark colours of the ebonised pieces from the ...

£ 220.00

Out of Stock

Zagreb 4in Rosewood & 55mm Mahogany Board (notation)
Zagreb 4" Rosewood & 55mm Mahogany Board (notation)

Our Zagreb 4" Rosewood pieces combined with a beautiful 55mm c...

£ 220.00

Out of Stock

Zagreb 4in & 55mm Mahogany Board
Zagreb 4" & 55mm Mahogany Board

Whether you are looking to connect to the famous 1959 Candidates To...

£ 220.00

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English Elegant 3.5in Ebonised & 55mm Mahogany Board
English Elegant 3.5" Ebonised & 55mm Mahogany Board

Bold and traditional Staunton design with a touch of elegance chara...

£ 230.00

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Deluxe in Rosewood & 58mm Wenge Board
Deluxe in Rosewood & 58mm Wenge Board

Matching the "Deluxe" Chess Pieces with a fine 58mm Wenge...

£ 250.00

Out of Stock

Taj 3.55in Rosewood & 58mm Wenge Board
Taj 3.55" Rosewood & 58mm Wenge Board

The wonderfully crafted and opulent 3.55" Taj Chess Pieces in ...

£ 270.00

Out of Stock

Can't find what you are looking for? Do you want to see other pieces on a board of your choice? No problem at all. We offer you an individual Photo Service and get the images of your own selection to you as soon as we can. And for any questions, we are just an e-mail away:

About the Staunton Design

The Staunton design for chess pieces is the standard when it comes to "classical" chess pieces with their well-recognised design. Chess rules stipulate the use of Staunton chess pieces in tournament play which also helps player to concentrate on the game without getting distracted by creative designs which could lead to mistakes if a piece is thought to be a different one. That said, there is no single correct design and there is a lot of creative freedom gravitating around the Staunton style, allowing for a vast range of different designs while still being recognised and classified as Staunton. Especially the Knight allows for a multitude of imaginative styles.

The design was introduced in 1849 and has been named after Howard Staunton, who was the world's strongest chess player of his time considered by some. He also organised the world's first international chess tournament. Although the chessmen were named after him, they were in fact designed by Nathaniel Cook. Since Staunton was a chess columnist of the influential Illustrated London News, he was asked to promote this design in the magazine. Soon afterwards, the Staunton chessmen became very popular due to them being easily identifiable, were stable and of aesthetic qualities. The first 500 sets were hand signed and numbered by Staunton himself.

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