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Egyptian Chess Set

Item Code:  45000
Egyptian Chess Set
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This chess set, which includes the pieces and a foldable board, is a fabulous example of a handpainted decorative chess set which would fit nicely in your living room. The pieces are made from crushed marble powder which is glued together by a resin. All pieces are delicately painted by hand.

As the title suggests, all pieces have an ancient Egyptian design theme: A common Egyptian for the pawns, chariots for the knights and the pharaoh with his wife as the head of state. Anubis, the god who watches over the dead, stands next to the black pharaoh pair. And who could fit better on a chess board than Horus, the god of war? He supports the white chess force.

All pieces have a felted bottom, thus ensuring the beautiful board which comes with this set won't be scratched by the hard pieces. The king stands at an impressive height of130mm and weighs 81g for the black one and 90g for white. The board measures 65 x 65 cm (or 65 x 32.5 cm when folded) and is inlaid with mahogany and sycamore wood. It also has an insert to store all the pieces individually and securely away, thus avoiding the pieces rubbing and scratching against each other. A notation all around the board helps with quick identification of the field coordinate, readable both for black and white.

The Egyptian Chess Set is not only fun to play with but also represents an excellent choice for the collector or someone who wants to add a piece of decorative art in their living areas - a great eye catcher even for non-chess players. And its inlay for the pieces and the foldable board mean that it can easily be stored away if you wish so but it needs to be said that it would be a shame to hide such a wonderful piece of chess art away.

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