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Dark forces closing in on you. Witches, gnomes and evil creatures under the command of the Dark Lord opposing you for a fierce battle. Will your mighty king decide the battle for himself with the help of his loyal army of dwarves, sorcerers and centaurs? Our Fantasy themed chess set is just the right thing for you, if you like both figures which might originate from a fantasy movie and a good game of chess. It will certainly help to get your children interested in the kingly game of chess.

The Fantasy chess set is yet an other stunning example of a themed chess set, made from crushed marble powder, glued together with resin, and finally delicately painted by hand. It is truly a magnificent set with heavy pieces and a huge board made from oak wood. Both kings measure around 110mm in height (approx. 4.3in) and weigh in at a whopping 150g! Even the pawns weigh well over 40g. This gives the pieces an incredible solid stand on the board. Speaking of the board, it has a square size of 58mm, measures 56 x 56cm in size (when unfolded) and weighs slightly more than 2.1kg. The total set brings a good 4.2kg on the scale. Carry it around a lot and you not only train your brain but also your muscles. A quality themed chess set made in the E.U.

If you are looking for a decorative chess set to be displayed in your lounge or you or your children like to combine fantasy with chess, then this is a must-have item. It will get the attention of your visitors and the imagination of your children for sure.

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