Foldable Chessboard, 50mm

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Our 50mm foldable chessboard is a great all-round board: It will fit most sizes of chess pieces but the ideal companion will be a chess set with a king's base diameter of around 40mm (or 1.5in). It has been finely crafted from sycamore (white fields) and mahogany (dark squares and border) and is backed by birch wood.

The board has a good weight of 2.1kg - enough to give it a solid feel but light enough to be easily carried around. Overall it measures 48cm and has a thickness of 14mm. At the bottom it has four felt pads, one in each corner which allows the board to be adjusted without much force on your table but it won't slip away all too easily. The gap is also covered up with a felt which also ensures that the wood of the board won't be in contact with your table.

A great all-round board and you should definitely give this a consideration, especially if you don't have the space to permanently display a full-size, non-foldable chess board or like the board to be easily carried around.

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Product Specifications
Material:Mahogany / Sycamore
Suitable for Sets:40mm / 1.5in
Board Size:48 x 48 cm
Square Size50 mm
Weight2.1 kg
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