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Khan's stallion, 4" Bud Rosewood

Item Code:  13010
Khan's stallion, 4" Bud Rosewood
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Chessmen truly for kings... Made from finest bud rosewood, a material that was used for the furniture in imperial palaces, the craftsmanship of those pieces is astounding. Great attention has been given to the knight with its delicately carved mouse showing clearly the lower and the upper lips. The nostrils proudly protrude and the mane finely trimmed. Overall, the knight's head has been brought to life by a master artisan and even the hairs on the chin haven't been left out!

The king stands at a height of 4" and weighs 59g for black and 55g for white. His base diameter of 1 5/8 inches makes a board of 18in a perfect fit. Boxwood has been used to create the white pieces while luxurious bud rosewood (sometimes also called red sandalwood) was used for the black pieces. Needless to say that all pieces are handcrafted and handpolished as you would expect from such a noble set.

Whether you are an enthusiastic chess player, a collector or simply looking for a stunning decorative chess set for your lounge, these pieces won't disappoint you. The wood alone makes them a valuable investment and combined with the excellent craftsmanship the beauty of those chess figures will delight generations to come. Luxurious Staunton Design at its best!

Product Specifications

Boxwood / Bud Rosewood
King Height
King Weight
55g / 59g
(white / black)
Recommended Board (Square Size)
/ 2.1"
Double Queens?

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