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The "Old Polish" is a chess set which deserves some special attention. Not just from a design point of view but it is different in many ways from other chess sets.

To start with, the king measures an impressive 144mm in size - that is 5 2/3 inches! Yet it's a light-weight with just under 40g. Speaking of weight: The chess pieces are weighted as you might expect, and the entire set, inclusive the board, weighs a mere 2.2kg! Many boards are heavier than this entire beautiful chess set. The low weight is due to the fact that the pieces are crafted from cherry wood which has a comparatively low density.

Also unusual is the fact that the knight is amongst the tallest figures - it even dwarves the normally larger bishops. Both King and Queen have their crowns in the opposing colour. Royalty should stand out! All pieces and the board have elegant inlays made from brass, giving them a nice and non-obtrusive accentuation.

The board is foldable which makes it easy to store away if you wish to do so, although this set definitely deserves to be on a permanent display. It features an insert tray for storing the pieces away and this also protects them from dust settling on them. A hinge ensures that the board does not open inadvertently and allowing the beautiful pieces fall to the ground. A notation on all four sides of the board makes it easy to reference the squares.

In summary, this is a great chess set and will make an excellent piece of décor in your lounge but of course you can also play games of chess with it - but be careful not knocking these high-towering pieces with their slim design down. And due to the low weight, it's easy to be carried around, say to friends for a nice chess evening. Enjoy the game and the sets' features!

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