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Spanish Court

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Spanish Court
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With its bold lines and noble looks of the chessmen, the name of this chess set couldn't be better as it resembles life at the Spanish Court. The Kings, Queens and Bishops all were the then-modern ruffs. Tiny soldiers (the pawns) with a shield in their hands protect the royal ranks from your opponent's attack.

Other than its name, the set is of kingly dimensions too: At a height of 150mm, the king with its opulent figure is anything but small and is a force to be reckoned with. Lime wood has been used to carve these wonderful chess pieces, which are all weighted. A huge board of 60 x 60 cm can accommodate all the pieces in its two compartments which are lined with red felt. The board is foldable and can be securely closed and it is crafted from beech and birch wood. In total, the entire set brings 3.7kg on the scale. Needless to say that this wonderfully crafted chess set is handmade.

This chess set is ideally suited for you, if you want a large chess set of opulent dimensions and you insist on handmade quality. It is not only a great set for playing chess with friends or family but also makes for an eye-catching piece of home décor when not in use. A great handcrafted chess set, made in Europe, for all lovers of this truly kingly game.

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