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Spartacus Chess Set

Item Code:  45002
Spartacus Chess Set
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You've certainly come across the name "Spartacus" before either in school or from the movies: The famous slave leader and gladiator, fighting against the mighty Roman Republic. This themed chess set reflects the theme of the slave uprise. On the white side you have the Romans: A general as the king, senators in togas as bishops, the cavalry for the knights and foot soldiers as pawns. And on the black side you have Spartacus as the king, slaves for the bishops, gladiators fighting lions for the knights and common slaves as pawns. Are you ready to take on the mighty Roman empire?

The "Spartacus" is an exquisite example of a themed chess set. Its pieces are made from crushed marble powder, bonded together with resin, and handpainted. Because of them being made of ground stone, they are heavy: The white king comes in at a stunning 133g and for the "black" king you still find 118g displayed on the scale. For the total weight per colour, you have an impressive 1.2kg for white and a bit over 1.1kg for black. Also the board has measurements of superlative: It measures around 60 x 60 cm and you be happy to know that it can be folded. And it weighs over 2.4kg! Almost the weight of an expensive solid wood board. On the inside, you have an insert for the individual storage of each pieces. The whole set weighs over 4.8kg - this ensures your muscles will need to work as hard as your brain!

The "Spartacus" chess set makes for a great eye catcher in your lounge if you decide to put it up for display. With its dimensions it will certainly not be overlooked! A themed chess set will also attract the attention of children, so why not invite your kids for an exciting game of chess?

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